I am here to consult you about best erp softwares that you can use in your small business/company. What is important? There are only two things. Price and features. You want your erp software to have as lowest costs as possible, but to manage your business efficiently, you also need different useful features from that software.

First software that I want to recommend is Bitrix24. Let’s look at the features. It is social networks integrated, so you can connect it with Facebook, or any other network. It contain activities stream, like button, conversation option, badges, announcements, photo gallery and more! When we look at the price, I can tell you that Bitrix24 is very cheap! If you want to test it, you can try it out for free. You can even use it for free, but you will have small amount of memory space. For higher price, that are still very good, you can get unlimited space. How great is that?

Second software that i want to recommend is ERP for small business by SAP. They are one serious company that focus at solving problems and helping people. When you go for them, you can know that you are in safe hands. They focus on efficiency and speed. Flexibility and integrity are two more perks of using SAPs ERP.

Third software that i want to recommend is Aquilion ERP. All that I can tell you that it has highest rating, over 90% people liked it. One more thing, it is very cheap. If you could rate it from 1 to 5 in cost, you would chose 1. Many people have recommended it, so I am recommending it.

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