It is the goal of every business to make profits, grow and be the most competitive in its sector. Every five star rated business knows its secret to success, but they all can not deny one major factor to their success, and that is customer satisfaction. A hospital is not any different, it is a business in its own rights, and this is one tool of trade that should not be ignored.

It is imaginable to consider the number of transactions or just basic activities that occur in a hospital or healthcare facility. Not only do medically trained professionals work tirelessly to provide patient care but there is a series of other non-medical activites happening related to finance, human resource, billing and finance. The data generated is overwhelming.

If this data is not handled well, it creates an open ground for fraud and demotivated employees. Manual recording of transactions and activities is cumbersome and daunting for the medics forgetting they still have the responsibility of patient care. Their frustrations are carried forward to patients resulting in poor customer service, and that is why the five star rating is getting hard to come by. This is why you should invest in the best Hospital Management ERP.

These IT based Hospital Management systems have been made to make hospital operations much efficient and fast. There are several soft wares that have been developed to assist data management in hospitals. Some of the highly rated and reviewed Hospital Management Software products include SoftClinic, Insta HMS, eHospital Systems, Health Data achiever and Hospital Management Software.

From the above list, eHospital Systems by Adroit Infosystems stands out with a five star rating from 14 reviews. With individual aspects of rating such as ,ease of use, value for money, customer support, features and functionality attracting a five star in each review, it is more competitive than the other soft wares.

It is considered to be the most affordable soft ware that can be customized to meet the needs of your healthcare facilities, whether new or has been in operation for a longer time. It has an integrated system that supports OPD and IPD management, laboratory and pharmacy operations, scheduling online appointments, radiology, mobile applications, doctor, patient and family portals.

It has a secured messaging system that sends texts and emails to patients maintaining that personal patient care. With the Electronic medical record and electronic health record systems, it enables electronic sharing of lab results, patients history with other medical providers in case of consultations and also the patients can make online appointments. Its mobile application services improve the ability to remotely access data, and doctors can review their patients miles away.

With a 24/7 customer service, compared with the other soft wares which offer customer service during business hours, pre-sales to post-implementation customer support is five star. It is easy to use and maintain since its web based, the soft ware features are rich and transition is made to be very easy. With this software it helps the hospital to focus on taking care of patients improving customer preference.

For a state of the art hospital, it is recommended to install the best HMS in your organization and provide the best medical care to people. By minimizing manual data management by the healthcare professionals, you increase patient care services and hence a happy doctor results to a happy patient and hence better business for your hospital.

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